Inspire Change

Nolan’s mission is to teach the transformational power of vision and ethics.  All of his programs incorporate this fundamental element in a way that helps you to create positive change and take action.

Most of his programs can be delivered in live workshops, live webinars, extended and full-day seminars and multi-day retreats. Don’t see something you’re looking for? Ask us! We often develop completely custom training programs for corporations, franchises and associations.

Ignite the spirit and fuel the mind

Testimonial from Marlin TravelNolan’s goal is to inspire action and provoke positive change.  Far from ordinary “feel good” presentations, he mixes tactical implementation with an entertaining and inspirational style that creates results.  Let us work with your organizers to blend Nolan’s message with your event theme and organizational objectives.

  • The Wonder of Wow
  • Popcorn Soup and Trailer Park Treasures
  • Creating a Culture of Service
  • The Future is Now
  • Rocking the Boat and Making Waves
  • Baby Steps and Quantum Leaps
  • The Integrity Factor

The Power of Vision, Passion and Ethics

Testimonial from American Marketing Group

Based on Nolan’s book “Visionistics – The Process of Success,” the following programs are all available as keynotes and, interactive workshops.

  • The Process of Success
  • Finding the Fire Within
  • Choosing a Path and Making it Yours
  • Aligning With Integrity
  • The Four Pillars of Ethical Success

Integrating Ethics Into Business and Life

  • The Ethical Executive
  • The Ethical Manager
  • The Ethics of Service
  • The Ethical Business Plan
  • The Ethical Life Plan


The following video will give you an idea of Nolan’s “style” and approach.  He believes that even the best information is wasted if it doesn’t engage and entertain the participant.  He utilizes humor, understandable analogies and accessible terminology, avoiding verbiage that can create a barrier to learning.

Having a few laughs and learning about attitude

Attitude is Everything