Visionistics - The Process of SuccessVisionistics – The Process of Success
A life-changing book by Nolan Burris

“Speak from your heart, act from your soul and live from your dreams”

 Some of us dream big dreams.
Some of us have small yet very personal aspirations. Some of us turn those dreams into reality while others lead lives filled with regret and disappointment. What determines these two very different experiences? What factors are involved in creating success?

Visionistics - The Process of Success


Success is an emotionally charged word.
It may conjure up images of wealth and influence or those of peaceful satisfaction. The definition of success is as individual as the experience itself. Regardless of your personal definition of success, wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience it more often? You can.

Visionistics is a simple method of creating and sustaining success in your own life or business. It is based on the premise that success is not an event but an ongoing process. That process is built upon a fundamental principle: long-term success is dependent upon integrity.

Visionistics - The Process of SuccessPassion and logic can work together to create positive change in your life. You’ll find out how to uncover and define ethical principles that will guide you along the way. It’s a simple combination that can produce extraordinary results.

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What is Visionistics?  A video introduction by Nolan Burris

What is Visionistics